Group Coaching

The Erotic Blueprints™

  • Discover the 5 sexuality stages, 5 erotic types and 4 fundamental pathways that could enhance (or destroy) your sexual health and pleasure.
  • Become an erotic detective, discovering your way to love making mastery.
  • Demonstrations of erotic play for each Blueprint Type
  • Skills for flirting and seducing in the Blueprints
  • Learn to articulate your sexual needs and get them fed and fulfilled
  • Gain confidence that you can satisfy a lover like never before
  • Transform your biggest obstacles into your deepest pathways for pleasure
  • Expand your palette and discover erotic satisfaction you didn't know was possible
  • Increase your lover's satisfaction by learning to play in their Blueprint
  • Gain easier access to orgasm, orgasmic states and superpower sex skills

What's Included In The Program

One-on-One Coaching

Individualized Coaching Packages

All one-on-one coaching packages are customized to fit your individual desires, wants and needs.


We will discuss in-depth what you are wanting to accomplish and I help you create the sex life you truly desire. 

Some Options for Specialized Coaching


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