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 I  loved having Sarah coach me through the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course, and I looked forward to the 1:1 session's the most because they were so impactful and.... it was super fun having someone to tell all the amazing things that were happening as we worked through the modules. I  had some profound shifts happen within the program as well and I am incredibly grateful to Sarah for holding space so beautifully for me as I went on the journey. I refer to the learnings in our sessions often, and I know it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I can feel the integration is continuous as I evolve into more of myself. I loved everything about it, and I am super grateful, thanks, Sarah. I'm looking forward to continuing the journey.



One of the struggles in potentially working with an intimacy coach is that intimacy, by its nature, is very specific to any given individual. So the trap is that a coach might be so married to their process that they stick the client in a box and provide them with a generic program. 
I'm very happy to say that working with Sarah is the very opposite of this. She tailored our process to precisely what I needed precisely when I needed it. And because she was so adaptable, I uncovered some pretty significant blind spots - including being out of the dating game for the wrong reasons. 
As a result of my work with Sarah, I stepped into a lot more enjoyment in my life and even have some simple tools I can activate when I hit a road block. I'm now dating again and am most grateful for our work together.


How do you start a review that expresses accurately how a person has dramatically changed your life? My time with Sarah drew from me the energy, passion, purpose and open expression I was searching for. She creates a safe and trusting net where I can delve into the erotic me; no judgment, no shame, only acceptance and understanding. My eyes are open. The Blueprints helped me understand my needs and how to understand the needs of others and Sarah helped me dance freely. Pleasure took a new direction and I’m eager to explore it all! Sarah, thank you for guiding me forward into a richer and more satisfying place.







I was hurting to have a deep understanding of myself sexually, as well as my lover... I was sexually frustrated, resentful, and embittered. Every inch of my skin was starving to have its needs met. I invested in myself with the Erotic Blueprint™ Breakthrough Course and I discovered exactly who I am through my erotic blueprint. I revealed my deepest desires, my strongest turn offs, how my deepest needs were starving, how to get fed and break through pleasure ceilings. Now, my lover announces this is the best sex he's ever had. I feel fully alive and empowered. I have a profound understanding of myself and can help anyone become a masterful lover 


 Before I learned about the Blueprints, I was painfully frustrated that my body was tensing up and repelling enjoyable sensation, when I so deeply yearned to be intimate with myself & my partner. I learned that intentional, slow lingering touch, paired with sexy anticipation was what made my body blossom & pounce with desire because of my Energetic Blueprint. Now, I'm plugged into my pleasure, I can relax while receiving, and I'm having deeply fulfilling sex that feels transcendent






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